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Auto Relocation Transport Services

Auto Relocation Transport Services

Auto Relocation Transport ServicesAuto Relocation Transport ServicesAuto Relocation Transport Services


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We  provide reliable, fast and safe transportation services across the  United States and the Caribbean including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico  and the Virgin Islands. We specialize in classic vehicles and modified  trucks. Special needs? We're up to the challenge! We are proud to offer  flatbed, drop deck, stretch decks, hard-side enclosed and open carriers.  4 Seasons Auto Transport guarantees to provide our customers with  topnotch, personalized service for your individual transportation needs.  Regular office hours are 9am to 9pm est. (Our toll free number will  forward your call to your dedicated auto relocation specialist after  business hours). On call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,  365 days  a  year with the best customer service available in the industry. We are a 5  out of 5 star 100% rated company on 4 Seasons Auto Transport is owner operated and was founded in 2012. Call today for your Free quote.

Our  staff is awaiting to fulfill all your auto transportation needs, from  beginning to end. No transfers from one department to another or from  one person to the next. Your assigned  auto relocation specialist will be with you from the moment you make  your reservation, until the job is done. 4 Seasons Auto Transport  ensures that your vehicle is dispatched to only top notch drivers. Most  of our preferred carriers are owner operators. What this means to you,  our customer, is piece of mind. These carriers load vehicles onto their  rigs with extra care, not only for your vehicle, but also for their  costly equipment.  Carriers are required to have minimum $500k to $1  million insurance coverage. Your vehicle is covered 100% Bumper to  bumper with a 0 deductible. One truck, one driver. Door to door service.  No need for terminals unless preferred or requested. 




About Us


Our quotes are all inclusive

* Door to Door Service *Taxes*Tolls*Fuel*Full Coverage Insurance up to $125k per vehicle!
 We specialize in classic vehicles and modified trucks.
No job too big or too small.
Motorcycles, ATV's, Dually Pickups, Golf Carts, Race Cars, Classic Cars, Exotics, Low Ground Clearance Vehicles.
We'll get it done!

- Open Car Transport
- Hard & Soft side Enclosed
-Express & Expedited Transport
- Military Car Shipping
- Corporate Car Relocation
We Also Transport to:
-Canada- Hawaii - Alaska
-Puerto Rico -Bahamas
-Flat Bed -Step deck -Wedge Trailer
We also provide wench services if needed.

Our carrier's will do walk though inspection at  both pick up and delivery. Personal items are not covered by the  carriers insurance. The DOT has specific guidelines when these trucks go  through weigh stations. Vehicles must remain empty when transporting  via ship. Take down any Sun Pass, Easy Pass, etc so you don't collect tolls while being transported.   Remove antenna and disable alarm. NO MORE THAN A QUARTER TANK OF GAS IS PREFERRED DUE TO WEIGHT LIMITATIONS.  

Open Transport


 Open auto transport is the most standard  option for auto relocation. From new and everyday to salvaged vehicles.  Open transport is much more affordable than enclosed transport by about  50% however enclosed transport nearly guarantees complete safety and  condition. Open car shipping has a few distinct risks, but these risks  are very, very rare. These include automobile damage and theft; however,  occur less than one percent of the time during a transport. For most  average cars, open transport is the best option, as it is safe and  reliable. 

Enclosed Carriers


If  you are looking to transport a classic, exotic, or super car, enclosed  transport is the solution for you. Your vehicle will be completely  enclosed within a trailer, protected from the elements and any other  possible threats/dangers. Many auto auctions and high-end car dealers  use our enclosed transport services to get their cars from the  stage/showroom to the homes of the purchasers. We typically recommend  enclosed transport if you want to be completed sure that your vehicle  will arrive in the same condition it was picked up in and are willing to  pay a higher price to do so. Enclosed transport does come with a  steeper price tag; however, if your car does as well, it is important to  transport it using the safest of methods.